Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fat fat fat fat fat fat fatty-fat-FAT and no "PH" about it!

I am fat. A big fat fatty, not "big-boned" or "heavyset" just plain old FAT. I'm 5'7" and 220 pounds. 219.5 according to my scale this morning, but I don't work with the half-pounds. This means I need NEED to lose about 70 or 80 pounds. (I'm also not a redhead, that was the color from early this summer that fried my hair, but I put this picture up anyways because I'm considering doing it again with a better brand of haircolor.)
Now, I've been hovering around the 200 mark since before my oldest son was born, a good 14 years. That's a long time to get used to throwin' this bulk around the playground. I'm 42, and I've THOUGHT I was fat my whole life. I've actually BEEN fat for about...let's say 18 years, because before my son was born I'd never hit a number over 180 on the scale. I haven't been a yo-yo dieter, except for if you count the time period after my 21 yr old was born, when I lost my pregnancy weight plus about 20 pounds and got down to 125 without even trying. Very skinny, and not healthy (I lost so much weight so fast with no exercise because we were too broke to eat. I'm not joking.)
So the last year or so I've been starting an exercise program. And a food journal -- the deal where you write down every crumb you eat and when.
Still starting.
Starting tomorrow. Starting when my husband goes back to day shift. Starting when I get better sleep....still starting.

P.S. If you are a woman in your early 40's, NOT PREGNANT, with 5 or more children, with NO NANNY, home schooling at least 5 of them who are under the age of 13, whose husband works nights, please feel free to comment with your advice. Heck, if you're that woman, you can friend-me on fb.

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